What is Causing Your Back Pain?

If the cause of the back pain is still a mystery to you; The best possibility to solve the issue is to identify what causes it. Let’s take a look at some likely suspects.

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What Is Yoga?


Dr Abhishek founded Abbysan in 2007, he did so with a vision to create a comfortable studio atmosphere for clients to attain Yoga mastery away from the pressure of daily life.

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TOP 3 Health Mega Trends In 2022


We predict the top three health mega-trends in 2022 will focus on making positive shifts to our lifestyle and improving our Deep Health and not limited to only diet and fitness.

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4 Reasons To Add Yoga and Pilates In Your Workout Routine

I believe you currently have a workout routine that is working well for you. You are getting in your cardio and your weight training.

You still have some flexibility issues, and you need something to give you an option for muscles and strength training. One way to do that is to add yoga and Pilates to your workout routine. If you aren’t sure this will work for you, consider these benefits.

1. Lean Muscle

Are you doing weight training or weight lifting to bulk your muscles? At some point, you may need your muscles to be leaner because lean muscles mean flexible joints and toned muscles. Yoga and Pilates can give you that easily and is one of the main reasons people add them to their workout plan.

2. Stretching

Stretching helps relax your muscles, improve circulation and reduce stress. It also helps cut down on inflammation from other workouts. Besides, the stretching portions of yoga and Pilates are instrumental in improving your posture. You can also find that your range of motion gets better when you add yoga and Pilates’ stretching to your current workout routine.

3. Body Awareness

Increased body awareness lets you notice the existing strains in various parts of your body you would not have typically seen. You can also detect if you have increased inflammation or if you notice pain that you should not have. Body awareness is an ideal reason to add yoga and Pilates to your workout plan and routine.

4. Meditation

Yoga and Pilates also bring mindfulness and mediation to your daily workout and workout plan. There is no better way to handle stress smoothly and help work through problems and issues that you usually would not think of during your regular workout.

Recommended Abbysan Classes To Add to your workout routine:
New Moms – Core Recovery, Mat Pilates, Total Body, Spine, and Shoulder clinic.
Athletes – Athletic conditioning, Shoulder & Hip Clinic, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga.

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Yoga Gets My Body And Mind Ready For My Day

Yoga Gets me ready

I love it when exercise wakes up my
senses. My choice of activity is based on its ability to enliven me and
heighten my energy. Yoga gets me ready for challenging days.

Going through slow yoga stretches each
morning allows my muscles and joints to loosen up. It is an excellent way to
get over the state of stillness from hours of sleep.

Any aches that I wake up with are
gently soothed with poses that lengthen my limbs. I feel like a new person
after ten minutes of yoga.
It is a wonderful activity for getting my body
ready for more strenuous activity.

When I am at work, I pay attention to
my posture. Sitting at my desk for long hours takes a toll on my body. Whenever
my back feels tight, I take a break to adjust my posture. As a result, my
muscles loosen up in my lower back.

Relaxed muscles take away the
tension that prevents me from concentrating.
credit my stretching habits with my mental sharpness on the job.

Lifting weights at the gym is
physically strenuous, so I am careful to protect my spine. I do that by adding
yoga moves before and after each workout. This returns my body to a neutral
state that supports my daily routines.

Today, my body gives its best to me
because I take good care of it through yoga. When my muscles and joints are
stretched and soothed, I feel capable of taking on the world.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What other benefits does yoga
  2. How do I adjust my workout
    routine to ensure a balanced activity?
  3. How effective is yoga at relaxing me at the end
    of each day?

Why Should You Do Yoga?


As an ancient discipline through the centuries, Yoga has developed over many paths encompassing the physical, emotional and spiritual realms of its practitioners to discover their true nature.

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