What Is Yoga?


Yoga is a mind and body practice with historical origins in ancient Indian philosophy and Hindu discipline. 

Yoga is a systematic process of bringing the Body, Mind and Consciousness to the reality so you may discover and outshine the true nature of yourself, in other words to move someone towards peace of mind and spiritual enlightenment.

Warning ⚠️  Peace can not be achieved without the sacrifice and surrender.
Yoga has two distinct application;
  1. Philosophical = where you learn about its history, origin and relation to different culture in the history.
  2. Practical = helps you improve overall wellbeing; gain control over your body and mind, and uplift your soul.

The Yoga involves various methods to attain tranquality, along with physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of ones personality.

  • The Physical methods of yoga involve various āsana (postures), prānāyāma (breath control), bandha (respiratory locks), mudrā & drishti (gestures and gaze), kriyā (internal purification techniques) etc.
  • The Devotional methods of yoga involves selfless duty and social services, listening, singing or chanting to devotional chants etc.
  • The Educational methods of yoga involves self study and reading Veda’s and similar scriptures.

3 Layer Body

Ancient yogis discovered that our body consists of three layers.

  • Sthūla Śarīra is the gross body made of flesh and bones veins, blood, muscle, skin, organs, etc.
  • Sūkshma Śarīra is the astral body or pranic body. It consists of mind, intellect, ego and consciousness.
  • Karaṇa Śarīra is the causal body. It is made of only Divine light.

You can study more about the body scientifically in quantum physics.


Yoga is not a religion but a road of personal inquiry and exploration.

Why do we teach Yoga?

Just like yoga students, there are various reasons why yoga teachers have selected this profession. When Dr Abhishek founded Abbysan in 2007, he did so with a vision to “help clients unite body and mind.” The original vision is now deeply embedded in our core mission to “create a comfortable studio atmosphere for clients to attain Yoga mastery away from the pressure of daily life.” And that same mission and vision remains in place today as we prepare to reopen in Phuket.

Yoga іѕ the ancient art and sacred system of spiritual and holistic healing. Working on all three bodies enables every part of the human system to attune to its essence. In that way Yoga is a unique and powerful system of therapy and enlightenment.

The vast diversity of Yоgа practitioners readily attests that Yоgіс рhіlоѕорhу is one that ѕееkѕ unіvеrѕаl truth and, аѕ such, can be incorporated into аnу belief ѕуѕtеm. Learn more about; “What is YOGA?” from A Spiritual Guru;

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