Yoga Studio Phuket, Thailand

Yoga classes for absolute beginners and those recovering from yoga injuries.

Yoga classes at Abbysan follow balanced sequences for effective learning. We track progress, provide modifications, and ensure a fun, personalised experience.

Vinyasa or Flow Classes

Dynamic yoga sequences that involve linking yoga poses, and movement with breath.

Ashtanga Yoga Classes

Steady flow of yoga poses, coordinated with breath to produce internal heat and sweating.

Hatha Yoga Classes

Teach proper technique and progression from postures to purification methods.

Yoga Therapy Classes

Address specific health issues, adapt traditional yoga poses, breathwork, and meditation to promote healing.

Natural HOT Yoga Classes

can use the natural warmth and humidity of the environment for practice, increasing flexibility and detoxification, without relying on external heaters or equipment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are Yoga Classes?

Our yoga classes are all one hour long.

How do you book a yoga class at Abbysan?

Booking a yoga class at Abbysan is a breeze. Download the Abbysan-Pro app on your mobile, register, and book your first class. It’s that simple and convenient. Contact us via WhatsApp or +66625322588 Click the “Register Now” button anywhere on this page.

How do our yoga classes differ?

We offer alignment-based yoga to prevent injury and enhance flexibility, breathe-oriented movements for increased vitality, and meditation for higher consciousness and life purpose. Yoga classes at Abbysan will not cause injury in the long run because we personalise yoga according to your basic needs.

How much does it cost to book a yoga class?

At Abbysan, everyone should have access to the benefits of yoga. That’s why the price for a single yoga class is 650 THB. And to make it even more affordable, we’re offering a 50% discount on your first yoga class. Contact us now to book and start your journey to wellness.

Which yoga classes are suitable for me?

It depends. If you are new to yoga or consider yourself a beginner, start with the class labelled "B". If you are uncomfortable joining group classes, we also offer the option to begin with private yoga sessions tailored to your personal goals and needs. If you are suffering from long-standing pain or underlying health conditions, the best option is to start with a 1:1 assessment with one of our in-house yoga teachers. Contact us to book a free 1:1 assessment.

Who is the yoga instructor at Abbysan?

Ravi Singh Rawat and Abhishek Agrawal are our in-house yoga masters from India.

Pilates vs. yoga, which is right for me?

It depends, especially if you do not have any underlying health conditions and consider yourself reasonably healthy and fit. If you are on a budget, starting Yoga immediately is best. We also offer Pilates classes, and you are welcome to explore both and see what fits your goals, needs, and personality. Yoga focuses on flexibility, strength, and relaxation, while Pilates focuses on core strength and stability. 

Do you offer Yoga Teacher Training?

Yes. Click to learn more about our Yoga Learning and Teaching program.

What temperature are your yoga classes conducted at?

Depending on Phuket’s climate, our yoga classes are conducted at room temperature (maintained through air conditioning or in the natural hot environment) for injury-free stretching, increased flexibility, and detoxification without relying on external heaters or equipment.

What should I bring or expect upon your first visit?

We will provide you with Yoga mats, fresh towels, and accessories to ensure your experience with us is memorable. Our facility has showers and amenities if you prefer to use them.  You will be greeted by a welcoming environment, friendly staff, and an experienced Yoga teacher. Our founders, who are lifelong practitioners and coaches themselves, will meet you and answer all your questions related to your health and lifestyle.

How big are yoga classes at Abbysan?

We encourage personalisation, alignment, and attention to detail in our yoga classes, limiting class sizes to 8 people.

Do you have yoga classes for kids?

Yes, children aged above 10 can join our yoga classes. We provide private group yoga classes for children.


3 Yoga Classes



Dip your toes into the world of yoga and discover its transformative power.

6 Yoga Classes



Deepen your practice and experience lasting benefits for body and mind.

12 Yoga Classes



Commit to your well-being and enjoy a year-round yoga journey.

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