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Your Posture & Habit Hold The Key To Your Better Life.

Abbysan Signature Program


Steps to Ultimate Natural Body

  1. Cure your existing musculoskeletal pains.
  2. Improve physical flexibility and muscle quality.
  3. Reduce stress and increase vitality.
  4. Get your posture right.
  5. Get the lean and natural body No dieting, No strenuous exercises.
  6. Learn to live active life anywhere without exhausting yourself.

“If you are looking to shred some fat and/or get your pre baby body or want to learn mindful exercises such as yoga and Pilates to get rid of your pains then wait no more.

Active Ageing

Improve balance, coordination, circulation and heighten body awareness, become active and agile again.6 Private Session + 6 scheduled classes

The need of mindful exercises such as yoga and pilates in older population has proven to improve postural problems, increases core strength, stability and peripheral mobility, helps prevent injuries, enhances functional fitness as a whole, improves balance, coordination and circulation, heightens body awareness and is low impact on the joints. The program offers perfect solution to an active ageing for you, your parents and grandparents.

Frequently Asked Questions

This programme is for anyone who wish to live an active life.
Showing up regularly for 2 session per week will be sufficient to keep the circulation going and improve overall energy level. Exercises included in this programme will improve the body awareness and may reduce the risk of fall.
The programme is very safe. We will teach the simple and effective functional movements that will help improve joint mobility and strength, improve postural problems, increases core strength and enhances functional fitness as a whole.
Yes, for all living sedentary life style, suffering from high blood pressure and mild to moderate diabetes this programme will definitely help them improve their over all health. We will do the preliminary examination before taking the clients into this programme.

De-Stress & Mental Peace

Reduce stress and metal activity, improve vitality and liver function and increases energy levels.3 Private Session + 3 Scheduled Classes


We know how it is draining and challenging to manage the stress of work and life and find the harmony in your health. What if you had a chance to learn the restore your energy without much efforts and strenuous exercises. Well, Now you can. With our signature programme we help executives and expats do that plus increase circulation and restore your strength, help you sleep better and have ton’s of energy every day.

How does the program works?

The program offer variety of techniques to help you reduce stress and mental activity. Learning to practice the proven yoga techniques safely in this programme YOU can improve vitality and reduce stress. With our liver cleansing methods together with nutrition advice YOU can enhance the functions of liver and kidneys and will increase energy levels of the body.

Flexibility Improvement

standard flexibility assessment tests and techniques to improve your flexibility level in general.

The program includes the industry standard flexibility assessment tests and offers the systematic yet a perfect solution to improve your general flexibility level.

4 Private Session + 6 Scheduled Classes

Is getting down or up from the chair or floor is becoming difficult?

Can’t bend over to tie your shoe laces?

Do you find it difficult to turn your head while parking your car?

Do you generally wake up with stiff body or back and neck?

Do you wish you were as flexible and energetic as when you were in your 20’s?

Well, with one of our signature programme now You Can regain the flexible body, wake up less stiff, you can easily bend over to tie your shoe laces or pick up your child, and be energetic again.

one on one class


Increase Strength & Muscle tone, Postnatal or Core Recovery, improve overall stamina and endurance 8 Private Session + 8 Scheduled Classes

You know how its really challenging to get back down to your pre baby weight. Are you a new mom and want to reclaim your healthiest body without dieting? Well, Now you can. With our signature programme we help new mom do that plus increase strength and regain the lost muscle tone during your pregnancy, and get your core fixed so that you can feel great and have ton’s of energy every day.

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Pain Relief

reduce the pain and eliminate the cause of pain in Neck, Back, Knee Or other musculoskeletal pains. 6 Private Session + 6 Scheduled Classes

Common Problems

  • Frozen shoulders
  • Ankylosing Spondylosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Arthraitis
  • Foot pain and flat feet
  • Back pain with or without nerve compression
  • Neck pain with or without nerve compression
  • Knee pains
  • Sciatica
  • IT bend syndrome
  • Hip impingement syndrome
  • Sports injuries and Rehabilitation
  • Any and all musculoskeletal pains.

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Posture Right (Posture Correction)

Improve your static upright posture and override the faulty postural habits. Complete Postural screening, Movement assessments and Desk Sitting screening.

8 Private Session + 6 Scheduled Classes

Posture Right

Common Postural Imbalances & Movement Dysfunctions;

  • Thoracic Kyphosis
  • Lumbar Lordosis
  • Sway or Flat back posture
  • Scoliosis
  • Upper Body Dysfunction
  • Lower Leg Dysfunction
  • Lumbo-Pelvic Hip Complex Dysfunction
  • Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

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Self Exercise Motivation

learn your favourite method of exercises in simple way with right techniques, You can keep up with no matter where you go.5 Private Session + 2 Online Program.

Always on the move? Want to keep up with self discipline and motivation to exercises? Want to know the best way to exercise on the move? Depending on your goals we can create a programme and teach to the simple and right techniques so that you can keep up with your exercises no matter where you go. We will also give you the home program and simple nutrition and habit tips to keep the motivation.

Abbysan-Yoga and pilates

Above program may included a free 30 min assessment at the beginning or end of the program, depending on the need and requirements your trainer will inform you. Please note that before and after pictures will be taken for our records and shared with clients. Home program can be assigned to the interested clients with an additional fee of 1290 THB per month. Please contact any one of us for more information.