Coached By Dr Abhishek Agrawal
This MENTORSHIP program is made for Physiotherapists, Yoga teachers and Pilates Instructors; so you can help people in the best way.
Module #1

Practical Anatomy

Learn how the body works

  • Anatomy, Biomechanics & Kinesiology
  • Normal and Abnormal Alignments
  • Myofascial slings and Kinetic chains
Module #2


Learn to read different human body & posture

  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • Body Reading
  • Psychological
Module #3


Learn to reset the client’s body

  • Posture Reset
  • Myofascial sling realignment,
  • Corrective exercises, Yoga (Yogkinesis, Breathing, Stretching, Relaxation), Pilates (mat and equipment)
Module #4

Clinical and Post-surgical Rehabilitation and Personalized Treatment

Learn to resolve your client’s pain

  • Musculoskeletal Problems associated with pain
  • Nerve compression and disc-related problems
  • Structural problems
Module #5

Hands-on Practice (25hr)

  • Case Study
  • Observation and Assistance
Duration of Mentoring

85 hours One-on-One

25 hours of Hands-on practice with Dr Abhishek Agrawal

Mode of Mentoring

One-on-one live @ Abbysan Phuket

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