TOP 3 Health Mega Trends In 2022

Physical and mental health has become evidently more important than ever before. 

Now with the help of technology, we can track our overall health, performance, and progress. Get instantly motivated, inspire others and take fitness challenges with friends family, and ourselves.

We predict the top three health mega-trends in 2022 will focus on making positive shifts to our lifestyle and improving our Deep Health and not limited to only diet and fitness. 

1. Evidence-based personalised nutrition.

The process of adapting dietary advice to an individual’s specific needs to enhance health is known as personalized nutrition.

Even though a family eats the same three meals every day, their reactions may differ. Genetics, eating habits and preferences, metabolisms, weight, health goals, activities, and any ailments must be considered. That’s where personalized nutrition becomes interestingly applicable.

The primary focus of personalized nutrition is to:

  • Improve immunity and restore gut health (microbiome)
  • Eat natural and nutrient-dense food
  • Fix the relationship with food and listen to the body’s hunger and satiety cues a little more.

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy is failing. While there certainly are dietary suggestions that help us live better (the Mediterranean lifestyle, for example), there is no such thing as a “perfect” diet. That is the whole concept of nutrition optimization: it is suited to the individual.

So, how do we choose the most excellent personal dietary method for ourselves? There are several sophisticated, customized nutrition recommendations available on the market today, offering genetic testing, blood analysis and other methods for personalized diet and nutrition advice.

Wearable gadgets and applications have shown us that when it comes to health, we’re all on our road – and the more we know, the better our decision-making becomes.

A new standard is forming in the world of health and wellness called “evidence based nutrition” to inform and educate people about making better food choices that work in certain health conditions and have the power to assist in fighting disease.

We’re now an informed culture with high expectations on the reliability of the products we consume, a curiosity for what’s inside, where is it sourced from, and how we can better our lives from it. We need wellness products that are not just natural but also do what they say – and have a solid, ethical track record.

Now’s the time to make a fundamental change in our lives by leveraging health products that offer customized treatments and fight imbalances in our bodies.

2. Mindful movements and activity.

A breath-centred movement or activity performed with awareness is considered mindful. Mindful movement is not less exercise but fewer rules about the exercise methods. An uncomplicated Mindful movement could mean walking 30-60 minutes every day as your entire week workout. The five exercise methods truly mindful in nature and practiced globally are;

  • Yoga.
  • Pilates.
  • Barre.
  • Tai Chi.
  • Walking meditation.

Home workouts on the mat with small equipment will remain the trend for 2022, but with even more options. Depending on the budget and how much space you have, more people are building their home gyms with a bike or treadmill, weights, resistance bands, Pilates reformer, smart home gyms like Tonal and equipment like Peloton. In contrast, others go all out with gym flooring, wall-to-wall mirrors, weight benches, and multiple machines.

Since 2020, more people have integrated mindful movements and activities to increase mobility and core strength, restore the body’s neutral alignment, and balance neuromuscular functions.

Another big trend in 2022 will be to get virtual trainers or coaches for those home workouts. Not everyone knows what exercises to do, even with fancy equipment. Hiring local or international personal trainers virtually to show and watch you doing the exercises correctly can be highly productive.

Technology is helping to revolutionize the way we get fit and healthy. Apps and subscription-based online workouts have been popular for a while. Expect them to continue and be used more and more by people who prefer working out from the comfort of home.

Muscle helps increase strength, reduce injury risk, and improve overall health. Most fitness goals centre around that sweet spot of weight loss/muscle gain. If you plan weight loss, implement 2-3 strength training sessions before cardio. If you are not a ‘gym’ person, use the 10,000 steps a day metric or 30-60 minutes walk/day to help promote energy deficit.

Think about balance and consistency. Breakdown your workouts, keep it simple and find an exercise style that works for you. There are no shortcuts. If you enjoy it, you’re on the right path.

3. Deep Health concept.

Deep health involves thriving in all dimensions of the human experience—no single aspect of our health functions alone.

These dimensions of deep health are intertwined and deeply connected. Our physical, mental, and emotional health interact with our social setting and environment, as well as our sense of purpose in life.

For instance… 
If we live in a low-income neighbourhood that’s a food desert, where only fast-food restaurants and convenience stores are available (a social-environmental factor)… we’re more likely to eat more processed foods (a psychological factor); which in turn affects our intestinal microbiome and our overall health (biological factors).

As coaches, we wonder if we are truly changing our clients’ health. Sure, we may be assisting you in improving your flexibility, boosting your energy, or feeling more confident while on vacation at the beach. Still, it would be most fulfilling and a win-win situation for both if we could assist our clients in maintaining or even exceeding their goals without feeling deprived, hungry, or unpleasant.

Post-traumatic healing, Prioritising girls’ mental & physical health, Spiritual self-care is more vital than ever, and the trend will only grow in 2022.

To Summarise:
A step-by-step customised plan towards a healthier life should address the four key areas;

  1. Personalised nutrition plan will take the guesswork out of a healthier way of living. Follow a test-based nutrition company, providing self-administrated tests and scientifically proven nutritional supplements like Zinzino.
  2. Evidence-based nutrition will educate us about making better food choices that work in certain health conditions and can assist in fighting disease.
  3. Mindful movements and activities should be incorporated to increase mobility and core strength, restore the body’s neutral alignment, and balance neuromuscular functions.
  4. Each of the six dimensions of Deep Health should help us develop a sense of general satisfaction with ourselves and our life (even if it’s not “perfect”), improve our ability to grow, adapt, evolve, and potentially excel as human beings.

We hope the year 2022 brings new joy, restores your health, and extends your sanity to see reality.

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