3 Reasons To Do Pilates Mat/Reformer Classes at Abbysan


Do you suffer with pain in your neck or back usually after long sitting/driving? Or Are you a new mom and want to reclaim your healthiest body without dieting? Now You Can, with our signature classes and programme.

We first introduce pilates on Mat and Reformer in Phuket since 2007. We were the First to offer such services to public in Phuket. We have grown and introduced this methods even when locals in Phuket didn’t know what Pilates is and how it can compliment every other exercise you do.

“One hour of Pilates Mat or Reformer workout daily, is sufficient to maintain normal functions of the body.”

Told by many members, here are three most authentic reasons why you should attend Pilates Mat or Reformer classes at Abbysan.

Personal Attention

Group pilates classes on mat are limited to 8 participants and All reformer classes are limited to only 3 participants. This set up makes it effective for both the learners and the teachers to pay close attention to all the clients and assist them in getting the fast results.

Verity & Challange

We offer more than 15 Pilates classes on mat and reformer. Some focus on specific body parts like abdomen, back, arms, legs, thighs to make you lean, toned and get you in shape, while other focus on the movements of spine, fixing the core after child birth or active ageing and injury prevention for athletes. You will definitely find the class that will suite your need.

Professional Teachers

Joseph Pilates first develop this method to re-train and re-educate the movement pattern in injured soldier. Dr Abhishek and Denny are highly qualified, experienced and professional in human body and movement science. They are here to help you in your journey to desired aesthetic and pain free body.

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