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Come prepared to learn how to move your body skillfully and safely on/off the mat. You’ll leave with a satisfying workout for both, your body and your mind.


Group Classes

Group classes are appropriate for all levels, from experienced to someone who has never taken a Pilates or Yoga class before. Our group classes blend precision in alignment with breath awareness and fluid movement for a balanced practiced. These classes typically move through a warm-up and Sun Salutation into strategically sequenced postures, working toward a particular peak pose or targeting a specific body part.


  • Better Balance
  • Increase focus and energy.
  • Relief from pain and muscle tension.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Reduce stress. Improve mood.

Special 8IGHT

Special 8ight, Yoga and Pilates classes are conducted for only 8 people in the class and also helps conserve and consolidate our energy and relax the entire system. Each class is customized to serve your individual needs and can  include physical postures, specific sequences, breath work, and meditation. This uplifting class is a wonderful way to start or end your day spend a happy hour; You feel taller, refreshed and positively charged for the rest of the day.


  • Get results from your Yoga or Pilates practices.
  • Personal Correction and alignment from the teacher.
  • Obvious progress in your pesonal and physical goals.
  • Specific needs such as post/pre-natal conditioning, preparing for an important race or your wedding day.
3rio class


3rio, Yoga, Pilates and Wellness classes are conducted for only 3 people has an immensely positive effect on our wellness. The 3rio session is customized to serve THREE individuals needs. With the assistance of our instructor, each student will find their own best possible expression of each posture or exercise. 3rio classes are guided through the layers of our being that brings a great sense of relief, peace, and calmness.


  • Gain invaluable insight about your bodies
  • Personal attentions & correction from the teachers.
  • Get fast results.
  • Fіts your personal ability and needs.
  • Suitable for those with specific needs such as post/pre-natal conditioning, Athlete conditioning, preparing for an important race or your wedding day.