Distance Running Tools

Distance Running Tools

The Gears

Just like in every sport, preparation for a full marathon means getting the right tools. For those aspiring to reach their goals, you must ensure to get the right gear/tools and accessories that will augment your speed, endurance, motivation, and strength. Here are some gears preparation tips to help ease the stress of you going to look for them yourself.

Running Clothe

Wearing the appropriate running attire will help prevent external running hazards from getting to your body.

We will be starting with running shorts. Remember when choosing a short ensure it is not too tight (which may lead to improper blood circulation) or to lose (to prevent it from falling off your waist). There are two types of shorts runners can decide to opt for

  • Traditional running shorts

These runnings short are not very close but are short. They provide excellent cooling and comfort. Regular running shorts are designed with microfiber and wicking briefs; although they are a bit expensive, it gives support for distance runners by directing cooling to a specific area.

  • Compression or Cycling shorts

Compression shorts, on the other hand, are mostly used by athletes who do not like their thigh flab poking out because of its unflattering snugness that prevents friction against the thighs.


Distance runners could either opt-in for Singlets, short sleeves, or long sleeves, depending on the weather type and the runner’s preferences. However, do not use tops made with cotton material while tops made with polyester are widely accepted because of its ability to absorb and dry up the sweat quickly, keeping you dry, comfortable, and fresh. For adverse weather, sports jackets are allowed. They help in keeping one dry and warm throughout the race.


Running shoes contributes mainly to the runner’s comfort level. You need to select a pair that fits your type of foot, and allows free movement of the foot muscles. It also shapes the manner at which you run.


Sweating on the feet is common to athletes running a distance of 5 km or more. (Feet) Sweats can make you uncomfortable and could lead to soreness of the feet. Long marathon races require socks with materials that absorb sweats.


Running accessories may include head and wrist bands, hats(protects us from wind), speed monitors. The speed monitor is used for calculating the distance traveled on the course of running and keeping track of the overall time taken to cover a specific range. Accessories eliminate the stress/hassle of using an odometer for measurement.

Hydration packs can also be added to the list of running accessories since it helps you maintain an optimal hydration level.

For female runners, the right bra for sport is essential. It reduces the uncontrollable burst movement that tends to stress the burst ligament and can cause pain on the burst.

During the preparation of a marathon, you have to ensure you are comfortable in your choice of chosen gears, i.e., the tops, shoes, shorts, socks, and any additional accessories, when all the selected speeds are on point, then you are a step closer to achieving your goals.

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