3 Reasons To Start Yoga at Abbysan

3 Reasons To Start Yoga at Abbysan

As more and more people are adding yoga practices in to their life there are many others who actually have injured and given up YOGA completely due to a faulty practice and attachment with the teachers who shows the tricks and shortcuts to this ancient method of self transformation.

Are you someone have injured your self from faulty yoga practice? Did your teacher ever helped you achieve the pose you wanted to master? Have you had a desire to start yoga but then after the first class you found out its not for you because you are not flexible or strong? With us You Can, start yoga again in simple and playful ways that doesn’t demand very high level of flexibility and strength? Those with injuries will also be able to heal them and embrace the powers and benefits of yoga again.

Told by many members, here are three most authentic reasons why you should attend yoga classes at Abbysan.

Authentic and Traditional

We teach and educate every one of our clients to practice Yoga as a way of healthy living. There is not a necessity to be a perfectionist in yoga postures.

Simple Yoga techniques like postures, breathing and internal respiratory locks when practiced on a regular basis, will gradually uplift your health. The chances of injuries are minimised and the rewarding health benefits can be seen as less than 10 classes.

The self practice is great among seasoned practitioners and have learned to control their ego, otherwise there are the risks of stretching your body in a wrong way, it will only become stiff and rigid. And you’ll soon realised that improvements take much longer and require more efforts.

Intentionally Delivered Step-by-Step

Yoga is a step by step process from learning yoga postures and breathing techniques etc; to even getting a right mindset.

A proper mindset is important in the practice of yoga, there are many reasons to why someone even care to start attending yoga classes like; recommended by a friend, or for health reasons, or due to physical issues and pains, or for social reasons, or to achieve a particular position you might have seen in a magazine or social media.

But there are also the reasons to why someone don’t like to attend yoga classes such as; person who think they are not flexible or stiff or can’t fit to a class because they cant pose well in the class. People make such excuses are reasonably shy or even ashamed of themselves, well there is nothing you can achieve by living in shame, So better opt for private sessions until you feel confident to be in group classes.

Your starting point is essential if you have found the right place stick to it, show up regularly, and do as much as comfortable, we will help you. Your efforts are being watched and the rewards are on their way.

Professional and Friendly

The student-teacher relationship is an essential part at Abbysan. There is a reason for you being and practicing yoga with us. I, Dr. Abhishek and Denny are very passionate about what we do. We do it because we have learned and deeply believed in one simple concept for many years, that when we help you with all our knowledge and expertise to uplift YOUR health it brings us JOY, HAPPINESS and SATISFACTION.


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