The Human Powerhouse

The Human Powerhouse

“Your Core is probably the only structure that does not require much training.”

Core strength is not about developing skeletal or muscular armoring and it is not about over developing one specific group of muscles. Instead, core strength involves developing resiliency.

It becomes rigid when you need to lift something substantial, it becomes loose when you are tired, fatigued or depressed, it becomes responsive when you are playing sports or doing other activities such as dancing, and it becomes stable and strong to maintain a good posture both durable and dynamic.

The entire core system is like a tennis ball. As long as it’s compact, it will bounce, but the moment it’s cut the bounce reduces and eventually stops.

The core is your powerhouse. It can still be active and working despite of all the direct or indirect damage caused by the body structure (Flat feet, lumbar lordosis, thoracic kyphosis, scoliosis, stiffness of the spine for whatever reason), adaptive positioning and movement dysfunction, pregnancy, childbirth, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, sexual intercourse, physical trauma, post-surgery and old age just to name a few.

The question is what the first step towards Core Recovery is?

Many of you agree when you are depressed, you tend to give up most of the activities you slouch and loose your ideal posture. Realigning your position is the first step to a faster core recovery. This sounds easy but how do you realign your perfect posture and how long will it take?

Your posture is an Internal job; it’s not just physical but also psychological. To realign your posture you need first to find the bunch of muscles that are causing this postural malfunctioning and changes. Creating balance in their length and strength relationship is the way to start. This may not take too long, but the actual results can only be seen after this training of fixing their relationship has been done consistently and for a reasonably long time. Ideally, as much time as it has taken to malfunctioning.

Most people already give up halfway. Or when the pain is reduced, they believe the problem is fixed. That’s not true. It’s like taking the antibiotics you must finish the doses; otherwise, you will develop the sensitivity towards it, and it won’t work next time you decide that antibiotic. You will need a much higher dosage that means much harder work for your liver to process & expel it and detoxify your body.

Same applies when fixing your core. When you stop it becomes sensitive to the methods, you used to fix it, and then ultimately you have to try something else to fix it. That requires learning new ways new techniques all over again and the time and effort that it takes yet. This process goes on and on.

The two best methods to keep it all aligned and remain it that way is to practice Yoga and Pilates under supervision (one on one) and also practice under the experienced masters who have the extensive knowledge of Human body and movement science.

See below the six specialized classes we offer to fix your core or book a private session, and we can fix it from the inside out without going for any invasive or fat-sucking procedure.

  1. Postnatal Recovery
  2. Yoga Core
  3. Back Care Yoga
  4. Backstretch vinyasa
  5. Spine Clinic
  6. Ab Blast Pilates

If you are not being able to visit our physical location, Purchase the ten series pilates video and begin strengthening your core as little as in 30 Days.


If you are a new or busy mom?

Or Are you recovering from surgery in your back or abdomen?

Or want to regain your strength after chemotherapy?

Or you are looking for an alternative way to manage chronic pains and boost your energy?

But you either can’t make it to the studio that often or can’t afford the cost of private training or BOTH.


Sign up for the eight weeks customized online core repair program today and begin to feel energetic and pain-free again.

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