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Go The Extra Mile Without Hurting Your Joints!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, knowing the correct way to run is the difference between building a healthy exercise routine and causing serious long-lasting damage to your joints.

With my expert advice, you can strengthen and even rebuild worn down muscles and tendons by re-aligning your joint motions and training your muscle movements.

These are valuable practices that you can implement into your routine so you never have to worry about joint pain and you can take these exercises with you into your old age.

Abhishek Agrawal

As a specialized doctor in Naturopathy, yogic sciences and as a certified STOTT Pilates instructor I, Dr. Abhishek Agrawal, am here to guide you in your 10k training process with my six-week program. You will get access to a private Facebook support group, online nutritional guidance, a daily habits journal and a yoga and pilates exercise plan.

You even have the option to complete this program online and/or on-location at our fully equipped facility in Boat Lagoon, Phuket, Thailand.

I want to help people like me who desire to run a marathon but struggle to understand HOW and moreover WHERE to start? I want to share a systematic and safe approach to prepare for distance running and prevent injuries.

The 42 Days Full Online Training Program Give You Access To

Daily Scheduled Exercise Routine. (Video)

Easy to follow Yoga, Pilates and Exercise videos with techniques, breathing, and repetitions, etc.

Coaching Videos

A Series of motivational and coaching videos to help you prepare and complete your training for 10K Run.

Daily Habits Tracking

We’ll send you a daily email reminder of your schedule and habits to stay on track.

Nutrition & Diet Guidance

I will share the best nutrition guidance backed with research studies and proven results. That I have used for my self for an excellent performance every-time.

Result Tracking

As you follow this program and enter metrics for each exercise, we’ll track all of the essential details outside the regular training to show you the big picture of your overall success from this program.

Private Facebook Group Support

You will also get access to the Private Facebook group support with my community of runners and people just like you.

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Benefits of this Program

This online program is a systematic approach for preparing to your 10K Run Safely.

Use multiple tools such as Stretching, Breathing, Yoga, Pilates, and Corrective exercises to prepare your joints, better running techniques, improve stamina and therefore prevent injury.

By the end of this program, you will Discover techniques to strengthen your joint supports and Master your Breath for distance running.

I’ll also share multiple resources on Running, Athlete nutrition and pre-race meals and much more.

This program will help you

Rebuild A Responsive Core.

Re-educate Joints motions and strengthen muscles actions.

Re-patterning running movements to assess and prevent injuries.

Without the proper length and tension ratio in the muscles around the joint the injury happens and over time the joints damage. Overuse injuries are typical for this reason too. I will educate and help you achieve just that through mindful exercise, breathing tech-niques, proper eating habits, diet, and nutrition.

The three things maintain the joint structures and their integrity

Joint Space
This is important to prevent the frictions on the joints
Joint Space
Joint Stability
This is essential because joint slipping our sheer force cases damages to the soft tissue around the joint, in case of knee its meniscus, in case of feet due to many joints in the foot lack of stability does not send the propulsive force to other bone.
Joint Stability
Joint Fluid
Synovial fluid is essential to lubricate joints, this fluid reduces in people with lack of activity and old age. Proper nutrition plays a vital role.
Joint Fluid

Praise for the Abbysan

Clean, light and airy. Very professional and understanding of a beginner like me. It has encouraged me greatly to try yoga as a fitness and wellness plan.
Kim, W.
Absolutely brilliant. Abhishek & Denny are true pros who absolutely have your best interests at heart. In just a few weeks my legs, core, glutes & arms are stronger & more flexible. I highly recommend all the group classes mixed with some one on ones with Abhishek.
Jo, B.
Abbysan has helped me relieve my back pain and improve overall wellness. Looking forward to visiting the new studio in Phuket!
Sean, D.
It’s more than what I can ask for! I love the space and the classes! Denny & Abishek are awesome yoga gurus! I recommend their classes in a heart beat!
Pearl L.
Great studio with very knowledgeable teachers. I’m a complete novice but I enjoy and look forward to my daily class. Highly recommend!
Savita S.

Join Me in this Challenge to Learn How to Prepare Your Body for a Easy 10K Run Safely.

Your health is priceless and by taking preventative action, you’re reducing the stress on your body and saving money on what you would have spent on joint repair treatments and surgery in the future. This program is 100% risk-free with a seven-day money back guarantee. Ready to protect your joints for your best run yet? Fill the form below:

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