Balancing Health From Within

September 2021, I first came across a simple dry blood test to check the level of 11 fatty acids which is the indicator of healthy cells and the amount of inflammation going on in the body.

The reason I wanted to do that was that my LDL level was higher. LDL is a type of cholesterol considered bad cholesterol compared to HDL which is good cholesterol.

I have been eating right, at least I believed that, and I wanted to find out if the food that I eat every day works in my body as it’s supposed to.

3 weeks later my results arrive and I was shocked and disappointed with the levels so unbalanced (45:1) I never would have imagined. I was seeing early signs of ageing such as dry eyes, fatigue, low energy, physical discomfort and delayed recovery time after exercise and my stressful days. (I’ll be 39 tomorrow).

I could sense the urgency of the matter and I had to do something about it. I opted to try this balance health formula.

After about 130 days when I did my second test; I was surprised to see the result was astonishingly improved to 4:1 (WHO recommends 3:1).

I didn’t change my diet or food habit in the process; but as I consume this formula every day (for a month) I felt less hungry and my craving for certain food reduced and most importantly, I slept like a baby (even today) and woke up fresh and energetic.

This was a new feeling for me and was excited to share this experience with members of the studio, my family and others I know and care about.

Some of them also by choice take anti-inflammatory drugs and suffer from non-communicable diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure, arthritis and skin diseases.

Based on our beliefs and knowledge we all take care of our health and take action to improve our current health by eating healthily and doing a fair amount of activity daily. But we all lack nutrients and elements in our everyday diet which are essential for our cells and can only be supplied through certain food (natural).

If you want to find out whether the food that you eat every day reaches your cells, contact me because I want to know if you want to know whether you are in balance.

Pick a date and time in my calendar for a private call with me:

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What is your recovery ❤️‍🩹 time?

I am an analytical person who believes in tests, assessments, science, common sense and a little bit of guesswork. (How about you?)

Although sometimes science was proven wrong or bent for certain food industries; what I am going to share has no negative impacts on health if the quality is not compromised.

Some of you probably know that I am self-motivated when it comes to my habits, exercise, nutrition and helping my clients get results.

One of the principles of getting results in anything as well as in fitness is personalization.

Now, I am going to share how I have managed to improve sleep, shorten my recovery time and stayed energetic through personalized exercises and test-based nutrition.

Remember, I did a simple dry blood test to find out my fatty acid balance?

My LDL levels were high, the medicine doctor (at the hospital) explained my LDL (cholesterol) may be high due to excessive eating of lamb, pork belly and other unhealthy fats and lack of exercise.

In my defence is said, I am a vegetarian. (exceptionally I eat egg whites and some dairy). I don’t miss my daily exercise routine. He languishingly said it’s the lab result.

I wasn’t blaming anyone, but genuinely wanted to figure out from his perspective what could be causing my LDL to be high. Anyone in my place would have asked the same.

My diet and exercise may not have anything to do with my raised LDL levels; my BMI is 22.5, blood pressure and sugar are normal.

The other explanation could be genetic as my father has higher cholesterol levels, but even if that’s true I can not live with that; because I plan to live well and long.

And to be able to achieve that I need to manage three things very well; silent inflammation, stress and sleep.

If not managed well they will slow the recovery time and the self-healing process in the body.

And, first (in this email) I’d like to talk about sleep;

Sleep and recovery are crucial to starting a new day and facing new challenges with full energy.

And, if your body’s systems are fully alert at night repairing silent inflammation and the oxidative damage to proteins and lipids in the muscle cells due to the intense and prolonged exercise, how can you expect to be at your best when you are awake?

We all have different recovery times. Based on the intensity of the workout, water levels and lack of recovery from the previous workout itself some people recover faster than others. I experience this every day in my practice.

And one of the reasons this happens is because of the slow action of the cells to clear the waste from the exercise either due to insufficient water intake or a hardened cell membrane that reduces its permeability for nutrients to enter and waste to exit.

If you want to learn how to personalise your water intake to shorten your recovery time sign up here for my two-week DRINK WATER CHALLENGE.

We need to understand that fatty acid levels are crucial elements for creating and maintaining a favourable environment for the cells.

Check out this short video of how simple it is to do the test.

What could be the reason?

We started with the balance test for Denny and 1 week later I pricked my finger and sent two drops of blood in the balance test kit to the laboratory in Norway.

I was confident that my test results would be better, only to find out the worst (remember my ratio was 45:1 and Denny 15:1.

We at home and out side eat mostly the same food, some meals may differ still there was a significant difference between my wife’s and my results.

Several factors may have been contributing to the unbalanced levels among us.

The proportion of food, exercise, stress and sleep may contribute to the amount of cell damage and repair needed to be done for both of us even though we ate the same food.

What do you think?

I mentioned earlier that adequate water and sleep helps us recover faster, and if all the systems are alert all night we may not have better sleep.

But what else affects your recovery and creates internal imbalance in your health? 

It’s stress specifically the “Oxidative stress”.

Oxidative stress is a growing public health concern which is defined as an imbalance between pro-oxidants and neutralising antioxidants within the body.

Oxidative stress (OS) is one of the major mechanisms that contribute to the pathogenesis (the manner a disease develops) of several chronic & non-communicable diseases and, is characterized by:

  1. Increased formation of free-radicals and other oxidants,
  2. Disturbance in cellular electron transfer balance (cell membrane rigidity),
  3. Oxidative damage to cellular components (i.e., lipids, proteins, and/or DNA).

The first suggestion that physical exercise results in free radical-mediated damage to tissues appeared in 1978. Importantly, intense and prolonged exercise can result in oxidative damage to proteins and lipids in the contracting muscle cells.

In short, the oxidative stress can damage cells, proteins, and DNA, every time it is exposed to the free radical, physical exertion and stress, which can contribute to early ageing.

Did you know that a horse in a single race dumps up to 4 gallons of blood into the spleen, (spleen stores and removes the dead cells)? That is oxidative stress.

This information is exclusive and the test is crucial for high level athletes to maintain good attendance in training and improve performance in the competitions.

The top 6 micronutrients that help reduce oxidative stress and repair the cells are Omega 3, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, CoQ10, melatonin, and ginger.

But before you can take any supplements that will help reduce oxidative stress you might like to know what is wrong with your current diet that is not helping you recover better and faster.

That’s where the fatty acid test comes in.

The greatest fact about this test is it not only tells us the level of 11 fatty acids but also gives

  1. The clear ratios of omega 6:3 balance,
  2. Protection value (i.e; non communicable diseases),
  3. Cell membrane fluidity and,
  4. The mental strength index and much more

This way you can conveniently monitor the food that we eat and trust it’s good and healthy for us is working as expected and make informed choices.

We all know a healthy and balanced lifestyle is possible but it becomes interesting and enjoyable through evidence-based nutrition, mindful exercise & deep health practices.

👨‍⚕️ Can you tell if this food or a supplement?

I can sense my story is kind of sounds a little serious. And to some of you, this whole idea of testing Fatty acid levels might sound scarier than interesting.

Rest assured this test is not to show you how bad you eat or if you have to make any drastic changes in your diet immediately.

It is to help you understand how the food industry is serving the food to us and make informed decisions.

Because either you believe it or not, the unhealthy fatty acid levels are linked to non-communicable diseases such as Diabetes, and heart disease.

Remember In the second email I mentioned, to balance my health from within, I need to manage three things very well; silent inflammation, stress, and sleep. 

In the final stage of my story of balancing health from within, I want to tell how this essential nutrient as a natural anti-inflammatory has significantly changed my results in 4 months.

Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s diseases, arthritis, skin condition like psoriasis, hair loss, dry scalp, and eye disorders are the result of silent inflammation taking place in the body for many years.

Can you remember, our parents told us to eat almonds and other nuts or cod liver oil. So we can get good grades.

Yes, that’s the one nutrient I am talking about. It’s called Omega-3.

Clinical research states that Cognitive performance improves with increased consumption of marine Omega-3’s EPA and DHA. (EPA is dominant in the blood, muscles, and tissues, while DHA is dominant in the brain, sperm, and eyes.)

Childhood and old age are two critical and vulnerable stages and Omega-3 deficiency is associated with learning and memory deficits, as well as mood problems.

Given that the body can’t make fatty acids naturally, the only way to get these nutrients is through your diet, which is why foods high in essential fatty acids specifically Omega-3 are so important to us.

We used to eat from Mother Nature and in some parts of the world people still eat the whole food, but most modern food is man-made from the cereals in breakfast to the burgers at lunch and the stake at dinner are all forged, framed, and farmed.

Rich in fortified vitamins, high in calories & proteins but low in fibers and essential fatty acids.

The sad news is, that 97% of people I talked, to do not know about the essential fatty acid and its importance.

Since my first test in September last year (2021), I have done this test on 35 person and just three of them said “oh fatty acid test I want to do it; it’s to know about the cells right?”

We all need this level of resiliency and knowledge in improving our health from within.

So, if you have never heard about fatty acids, you can read more about them here [what are essential fatty acids…?]

I don’t know about you but I don’t take any supplements regularly. I am not against supplements they are an essential part of our life now because natural food is difficult to find.

I used to take them occasionally before starting with balance oil, to boost my immunity when I have a feeling that I might fall sick or to enhance recovery from an injury I take nutrition supplements for a short duration.

If you are a person who heavily relies upon nutrition supplements there is a fair chance that you are more deficient in certain micronutrients in your body than anyone who didn’t take the supplements but the food.

Most supplements are unnatural and/or synthetic.

Even if you opt for the highest quality, the uptake of the nutrients from the supplements or natural food we consume directly depends upon the number of healthy cells in our body.

As I mentioned in my previous emails that healthy cell membranes require essential fatty acids to permit the nutrition in and waste out efficiently.

If the cells have lost their permeability or in other words are hardened; no matter how good quality food or supplements you take there is a fair change that our cells won’t uptake.

In the other hand if the cell membranes are soft, fluid, and permissible you don’t need many supplements as the healthy cells can absorb the nutrients from the food.

That’s why cell membrane composition and structural architecture are critical for the health of the cells and hence the body.

The cell membrane needs to be rigid enough to provide sound cellular structural architecture but fluid enough to allow nutrients in and waste out.

For the past 11 months, I have added this natural food that needs to be stored in the fridge once opened.

Will you call it a supplement?

I call it a “Natural Supplement” because it contains Polyphenols (antioxidants) from Spanish olive, Fish Oil (DHA.EPA.Omega-3), and Vitamin D3.

This contains the highest DHA & EPA when compared to any food or supplements out there. Dose according to body weight and keep refrigerated once open.

I have not come across anything like this before that has in 130 days brought the balance in my omega 6:3 levels from 45:1 to 4:1.

I want to know if you want to get in balance and promote a healthy balance of breathable cells in your body.

You can purchase a Premier Kit test in the studio or online.

1 Balance Test + 800ml Balance Oil (300ml x 2 + 100ml x 2)

(we deliver to most countries)

And if you want to know more about this just talk to me in the studio or pick a date and time in my private calendar

Dedicated To Your Health
Dr Abhishek Agrawal

BNYS. PGD Wellness Management, STOTT, ERYT-500, PN, PPCES.

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