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Unplug - Stress Management Ebook

We hope the techniques and tips in this eBook help you feel less stressed and more empowered in your daily life!

One of the keys to battling stress is finding body-mind-spirit balance, and that begins with healthy habits like regular exercise, great nutrition, and scheduled downtime. You’ll feel so much better if you take the time to care for your body.

We’re always here to help! As a thank you for downloading this guide, I’d like to give you a gift to help you feel fitter, stronger, and even more resilient.

Our DE-STRESS & MENTAL PEACE program includes 3 Private Session (45 min each) with Dr Abhishek. YOU will learn the proven Yoga, Breathing and Relaxation techniques to safely help YOU improve vitality and reduce stress and a Home Guide to “Liver cleanse” to improve liver function and increase energy levels.

Original Price 7500/-THB | Now Only 4500 THB | Last Intake On 19 SEP

We’re filling these spots on a first-serve, first-come basis, so if you’re interested, call or email us ASAP. Last client intake on 19th September 2019.

Having a strong support team in your corner will keep you focused and on-track with your health and fitness goals.

Here at AYWC, we are ALL about helping people achieve REAL results. Our mission is “Empowering Your Health and Wellness”. We’ve created an incredible and supportive community of amazing people (just like you!) who will help you along the way.

I’d love to meet you and help you reach your goals once and for all!

Thank you again!
Dr Abhishek Agrawal

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