3 Step Process To Build A Solid Foundation In Yoga

3 Step Process To Build A Solid Foundation In Yoga

It would be best to have a solid foundation in yoga for certain poses and prevent injuries from faulty yoga practices; this is also true of homes and education.

I will share some significant reasons you need to build a solid foundation in yoga and some tips on doing this.

1. Feet Foundation

Yoga is a barefoot practice; you use all your feet muscles almost in all yoga poses. That’s why the first thing you need to do is start with your feet. Your stance and foot placement are the most critical part of building your concrete foundation in yoga.

The foot and ankle have very complex and often opposing functional responsibilities. They must flexible to adapt to uneven surfaces. Transfer high forces, and allow movement of the body in multiple directions.

During weight-bearing activities, the foot must quickly transform into a rigid lever that allows muscular contractions to propel the body forward, upward, sideways or any combination of these motions.

Your feet will sense and report if you are about to fall, or if your body is having issues with the yoga pose, or if you need to modify the position.

The foot also has a vital role in balance, sensing body location, and maintaining an upright posture; they directly connect to your core.

Realigning your foot and ankle is the first step in avoiding injury and building a foundation for your core.

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2. Leg Foundation

Establishing a solid leg foundation can help prevent you from passing out and to recognize your endurance level.

You need to develop strength in your legs without locking your knees because locking your knee can cause you to pass out in yoga classes. Preferably, find your stability in your legs and observe when your body may be feeling fatigued. Fatigue can lead to passing out and various issues.

Recommended Abbysan Classes – Hatha Yoga 1 and 3, Hip Flow.

3. Core Foundation

Whole-body awareness is the ultimate goal of building a foundation for Yoga practice.

The feet explicate your balance, your legs reveal fatigue, and your core foundation can determine if your mind and body are connected. When you can sense the disconnect, you can re-connect. This is the most considerable benefit for many people in yoga and trying to build a foundation.

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As you move through your yoga journey and practice, you will discover other reasons to make the solid foundation you need for your Asanas (Yoga Poses in Sanskrit) and daily routine.

When you have issues formulating your concrete foundation, consider a consultation with one of our yoga & wellness coaches. They can help you recognize and develop the foundation and work to make it stronger.

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