Tips For Getting Started

The truth is, with a little bit of detailed instruction and a lot of self-compassion, getting started on your yoga path is fun, easy, and exciting! Here are our top five tips for yoga beginners to get you started on your yoga path.
  1. Do the Beginner’s Class or Workshop.

    We highly recommend taking a few of the beginner’s classes or at least one workshop before you take the plunge into public classes or online classes. These classes and workshops are designed to help you find proper alignment in your body in commonly used poses, and will also help you get comfortable with terms and names before you head to class.

  2. Go for the Beginners’ Trial Pass.

    Take our one week trial pass that give you time to feel out the studio, try out different teachers, take different classes, and see if this place is the right place for you!

  3. Go with a friend who already practices.

    Joining a class with friend who already has been practicing yoga can help you greatly narrow down your search for a home studio or preferred instructor. Ask any of your friends who already practice to bring you to the classes that they really enjoy and see if you jam with their preferred instructors. Going with a buddy will also help to make the whole experience feel less overwhelming and more comfortable. Everything is more fun with friends!

  4. Let go comparison.

    Besides wondering where to start, the second most common thing among new to yoga is “Whoa, look at you (or her) – I have SO far to go!” This kind of mentality is a total yoga mood killer. Remember that your practice is an individual process. No one else is inside your body, so defer to your own judgment about what you can and can not do.

    Remember this – yoga is truly a personal practice. The person standing on the mat next to you may be a professional dancer or gymnast. They have a totally different life and history from you: a different body, a different mind, and a different path! There is really no use in comparing yourself to anyone else. Also, yoga is not about your physical ability to perform asana. You may never be able to reach your foot to your head, and honestly, it doesn’t matter. The point is that you are there, practicing, and showing up for yourself with sincerity and honesty. Drop the comparison and enjoy your journey.

  5. Decide to have fun!
    Lastly, try to avoid letting yoga become a serious endeavour. Sure, there are going to be times in class where the postures are really intense and you want to quit. There may come a time when yoga starts to stir up your old emotional baggage and cause you to feel out of sorts and off-kilter.

Come and have FUN! Take the pressure off and let yourself enjoy.

3 Steps to Choose A Suitable Class

  1. Know Your Level of Physical Fitness.

    Example; weather you exercise regularly, your job requires mostly long sitting etc.

  2. Choose the times that works well for you.

    Example; choose the time so you have enough time to eat something after the class before going to work.

  3. Select your personal fitness goals.

    Example; reduce back pain, gain control over movements can be short term goals whereas, improve flexibility, strength and overall bell-being can be Long term goals.

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