I came to Abbysan on the evening of 11th April 18 with a background of one yoga class and no pilates in my entire 56 years of life.  I realised that something needed to be done to my body to strengthen its core and limbs and impart some flexibility into it before I was to go on sailing around the world. The first class impression was so potent that I signed up on the day for a month membership, which I keep on renewing until we leave. Our sailing yacht is getting a refit in Phuket and so am I! So, what do I like so much about Abbysan?
  • The informative stories about the muscles you are about to feel (believe me!) in the class
  • The precise demonstration of the movements to be attempted, including easier or more challenging variants, the emphasis being on trying your best until one day you get there, feeling so good! I can now stand tall on my head!
  • The physical help from the teacher when needed, made possible by the small classes
  • The interest taken into each individual physical injury history and self-help advice given
  • The variety of the classes proposed from general workout to specific body areas care
… and the good humor that surrounds the efforts we all make to turn pain into gain!