Mr Wicky S.
Abbysan Yoga & Wellness Center. Phuket

“I came to Abbysan on the evening of the 11th April 18 with a background of one yoga class and no Pilates in my entire 56 years of life. I realized that something needed to be done to my body to strengthen its core and limbs and impart some flexibility into it before I was to go on sailing around the world. The first-class impression was so potent that I signed up on the day for a month membership, which I keep on renewing until we leave. Our sailing yacht is getting a refit in Phuket and so am I!”


“Clean, light and airy. Very professional and understanding of a beginner like me. It has encouraged me greatly to try yoga as a fitness and wellness plan.”

Kim, W.

“Absolutely brilliant. Abhishek & Denny are true pros who absolutely have your best interests at heart. In just a few weeks my legs, core, glutes & arms are stronger & more flexible. I highly recommend all the group classes mixed with some one on ones with Abhishek.”

Jo, B.

“Abbysan has helped me relieve my back pain and improve overall wellness. Looking forward to visiting the new studio in Phuket! ”

Sean, D.

“It’s more than what I can ask for! I love the space and the classes! Denny & Abhishek are awesome yoga gurus! I recommend their classes in a heartbeat!”

Pearl L.

“Great studio with very knowledgeable teachers. I’m a complete novice but I enjoy and look forward to my daily class. Highly recommended!”

Savita S.

“I had an operation on my back to remove my abnormal cell 16 years ago and not be able to walk as normal again. And because of my body not balance that made the wrong posture when I walk and sit so this effect to my whole body. After I took a personal course with you a couple weeks my walk and back getting better and stronger. During the treatment was hard but I really enjoy as I know that I have got an opportunity to fix my body with one of the best doctors that I ever met. Every exercise has been designed for the problem that I have so it fix from the cause and works very well, I know it because I can see the good result after the treatment. I feel good as my body is getting better day by day and I know that one day I will be able to walk as normal again. Thank you for your kind and patient.”


I had very weak legs and a limping gait for almost 20 years after my back operation and I was told that my legs would not be able to be better.

After I met Dr.Abhishek and training with him he has proved to me that I still have a chance to walk better, my legs are stronger and the way I walk is getting better as he said. His training course is very unique and designed to treat my problem.

I’m very happy with the result and very appreciative of his understanding and dedication.


I had a working injury on my left wrist for 15 yrs with chronic pain before I met you in Dec 2018. I was so much in pain on my whole left hand 24 hrs for a few months. I went to ------ Hospital around September last year for MRI found I had a pinched nerve on both sides of my neck. It all attached from my left wrist injury for so long and had chronic pain on and off on both hands. At the same time with Bangkok Hospital I had Frozen arm that the hospital couldn't detach until I went treatment in Malaysia around October but that doesn't help too as I need more days of treatment there that I couldn't make it. In December I had treatment from you till mid-February all the pain subside. I had only 20 percent pain only around my armpit and upper shoulder on my left arm, 80 percent of the pain was gone. I am so happy and glad that my wrist pain for so long is gone. Only sometimes when I used the hand it pains a little bit and my frozen arm I can bring my hand to the back of my body 90%.

Thank you so much for helping me with my pain you great Dr. Abhishek, I trust on you.???

*The name of the hospital is undisclosed to prevent any kind of miss-leading statements.


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