Abbysan Yoga & Wellness Center. Phuket

Abbysan Yoga & Wellness has been at Phuket Boat Lagoon, for some 3 years, as of June 2020 and that was when, I actually went to Abbysan Yoga, to view the wellness center and to meet Mr. Abhishek.

Why and what drove me up the 3 floors, walking some 45 steps to Abbysan Yoga? 

Why and what drove me up the 3 floors, walking some 45 steps to Abbysan Yoga? Way back in 1995, I had a back injury (carrying some heavy boxes), somewhere between my L4 and L5. Having visited a number of surgeons and numerous physiotherapists, the problem (pain) still existed for some 25 years. Doctors advised no surgery but to go for physio treatments. For some 15-years before moving to Phuket, I was on steroid jabs, which I take between 2 or 3 times a year. Having been in Phuket since 2016, I used to visit a physio center here, at least once, in 2-3 months. Since early 2020, my visit to the physio center became quite regular, at least twice a month. This was quite irritating when the pain gets into you, at odd hours and makes your daily routine very uncomfortable.

That was in June 2020 that I happened to notice a banner, that Abbysan Yoga has treatments for ‘Back Pain’. I decided to give one last try, to see whether this will be the last resort to cure my back pain. After consultation with Mr. Abhishek, I started my Pilates in July 2020. I was advised to have 3-sessions in a week for the first 3-months. My first 3 months were from July until September 2020. From September 2020, I had 2-sessions a week, until now (February 2021). I have been undergoing my Pilates and some yoga sessions now, for some 8-months.

My first 2 months of training with Mr. Abhishek was not easy at all. I had not done any form of exercise or sports for some 25 years and it was like getting me into a drum filled with WD-40, to loosen my muscles, veins, and all body system. But, I wanted to see improvements in my back pain, which gradually lessened. Once a while, the pain gets back but I was given methods of exercise to overcome the pain.

From month 3, I started seeing improvements in my energy level and body stamina. In addition to the 3-sessions a week, I got myself into cycling, as an added exercise. Started in September 2020, I started cycling 20 to 30km, between 2-3 times a week. Previously I used to cycle 10-15km in an hour’s time but now I could do 20-25km in the same time-frame.

One lesson that I learned, training with Mr. Abhishek, you have to concentrate and follow, what is taught. Never take short-cuts or ‘cheat’ yourself. Completing a 60-minute session, without your personal effort, takes one nowhere. Also, be prepared, the 60-minute session that you do the core-training, when you are tired, he gives you a short break (I mean a real short break of between 10-15 seconds) but you need to complete each session. That’s when you get to see the results.

Moving forward, now into my 8th month in training with Mr. Abhishek, not only my energy and stamina has improved tremendously but even my cycling distance has improved. On a good day, I am able to do 60-70km, in a time-frame of 2.45 hours. I wanted to lose some weight but that’s the least someone should be worried about, if you follow all the training in good order, you will see the desired results.