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Eliminate / Reduce Back & Neck Pain by learning how to stabilize and strengthen your core, and restore your body from the inside out.
Learn How to Find Your Perfect Posture to improve your circulation, digestion, overall health, and even your mood and self-confidence.
Discover Why Crunches Could be Dangerous for you and what you should be doing instead.
10 Handpicked Exercises where you’ll learn exactly how to perform each movement to improve your core stability, strength, and power no matter what your fitness level is!


I’ve included step-by-step instructions and exclusive pro tips for each exercise to help you maximize your results in less time.


Clean, light and airy. Very professional and understanding of a beginner like me. It has encouraged me greatly to try yoga as a fitness and wellness plan.
Kim, W.
Absolutely brilliant. Abhishek & Denny are true pros who absolutely have your best interests at heart. In just a few weeks my legs, core, glutes & arms are stronger & more flexible. I highly recommend all the group classes mixed with some one on ones with Abhishek.
Jo, B.
Abbysan has helped me relieve my back pain and improve overall wellness. Looking forward to visiting the new studio in Phuket!
Sean, D.
It’s more than what I can ask for! I love the space and the classes! Denny & Abishek are awesome yoga gurus! I recommend their classes in a heart beat!
Pearl L.
Great studio with very knowledgeable teachers. I’m a complete novice but I enjoy and look forward to my daily class. Highly recommend!
Savita S.
Dr. Abhishek Agrawal

As a specialized doctor in Naturopathy, yogic sciences and as a certified STOTT Pilates instructor I, Dr. Abhishek Agrawal, am here to guide you in your 10k training process with my six-week program. You will get access to a private Facebook support group, online nutritional guidance, a daily habits journal and a yoga and pilates exercise plan.

You even have the option to complete this program online and/or on-location at our fully equipped facility in Boat Lagoon, Phuket, Thailand.

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