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Frequently Asked Questions


All our classes can be done on a regular and daily basis. The schedule is designed in such a way that it balances and counter-balances between your previous session.

Typically, you should have 24-48 hours between training sessions at AWYC, life sometimes throws us in situations, and we have to train on back to back days.

If you are getting back to working out, then we recommend 1-2 days of Reformer 1 Yoga/Cardio and one stretching class each week.

You can easily be active on your “off” days from the studio by taking a 20–30-minute walk or do something that you enjoy, and you consider active. Golf, playing with your kids, roller skating, hiking, pickup basketball, etc., are excellent ways to be active.

As you get deeper into your training experience, you may find that you can recover faster and increase your training days to 5–6 per week.

Ideally, an advanced practitioner will do 2–3 Strength classes and 1-2 metabolic or cardio classes mixed with 1 Stretching class each week for desired results.  Such balance allows for recovery while still providing you with enough stress to get the results you want.

Your coach will assist you with your training schedule, especially if you are recovering from injury or trying to achieve a specific goal.


Millions of people have discovered that Pilates seems to be good for whatever ails you. It may not be a miracle cure for every ailment, but ask anyone who’s been doing Pilates regularly, if Pilates work? You’re bound to get a resounding, Yes!