Water, the second thinnest element in the universe 

is the most important nutrient in your diet.

We will go more into the new benefits of drinking water but for now, here is a brief list of some benefits you get by drinking more water:

Avoid dehydration

Decrease your appetite to help you lose weight

Cleanse your body of bad toxins

Have healthier skin, hair and nails

Stay full in between meals

Maintain a healthy body and mind



Thirst is a warning and NOT the signal indicating that your body water level is depleting. By the time you feel thirsty your body will already have lost 1% of its water.

Challenge Benefits

Recommended daily water intake is equally important as the RDA of the vitamins and minerals to maintain normal functions of the cells and help and help the body to replenish daily water loss through urination, sweating and breathing.

Personalize your water intake

Make Water Taste Delicious

Make the Water Drinking Easy

Piggyback off with an existing habit



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