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Total Mind & Body Detox

Are you always tired and sluggish throughout the day? You can’t make it until afternoon without 2 strong coffees?

Do you have a few extra pounds and are always struggling with cravings and food addictions?

Do you have stomach issues, cramps, gas, always feeling bloated and not being able to enjoy food?

Do you have skin disorders, sleep issues, loss of mental clarity, emotional disturbances, lack of sexual drive, social anxiety and more?

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Then You Definitely Need A Detox!

With this guided 10-day program you are going to jumpstart your metabolism and reboot your system. You will lose weight, sleep better, have more energy and just feel amazing overall!

It includes plenty of foods that will feed and nourish your body, and give you energy instead of making you feel lethargic. This challenge will not focus on counting calories, but on feeding your body with delicious and satisfying foods that will leave you balanced and empowered.

After this detox you will...


Here’s what the package includes...


An in-depth guide with our best tips, strategies and recipes to help you detox your body.


To make sure that you take all the needed steps and stay on track. Print 10 of these to last you for the entire detox.


The great thing about this plan is that it’s customizable, so you can adapt it to your tastes and preferences. Just make sure to follow the rules in the 10-Day Success Manual.


If you decide to follow the plan exactly as it is, we also included a grocery list to make things easier at the supermarket.


In case you decide to create your own plan, then use this chart to make it easier to plan and to stick to it.


Print this, sign it and then keep it in sight for the next 10 days. This is a symbolic statement to keep you focused and accountable. Take this commitment and then stick to it!

But wait, this is not all!
You will also get...

Dr Abhishek Agrawal

BONUS #1 - A Free Discussion with Dr. Abhishek

Things might get tough in the middle of the detox, and you will need someone to keep you on track and motivate you. So whether you have questions to ask me or need some motivation, I will be here for you!

Kombucha Bonus

BONUS #2 - A Free Bottle of Kombucha

* Deliver only in Phuket.

This amazing drink has plenty of health benefits. It is a great source of probiotics that are good for your stomach, it is a source of antioxidants, it can kill bacteria, it may reduce the risk of heart disease, it may help manage type 2 diabetes and it may protect against cancer.

Bonus #4 - Online Training

BONUS #3 - Yoga & Pilates Online Lessons

This bonus includes 10 different lessons for 10 days, with instructional videos that will guide you through the entire process. You will learn:

  • How to prepare your body
  • How to perform a back stretch sequence
  • Pilates for Core
  • Yoga for Hips, pelvis, spine and back
  • Yoga for balance
  • Yoga for balancing hormones
  • Yogkinesis

Each of these modules contains multiple stretches and exercises, each one with a detailed description and an instructional video.

Bonus #4 - Supercharge Your Sleep Ebook

BONUS #4 - Supercharge Your Sleep E-book

This exclusive e-book is only available for a limited amount of time, and it includes 17 of my best tips for having a better sleep and a better life. You will learn – Why Sleep Matters, The Phases of Sleep, How Your Sleeping Position Affects You and simple yet very useful lifestyle tips to Boost Your Sleep Quality.

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