What Is Yoga Clinic?

Yoga Clinic emphasises on prevention aspects of Yoga by;
  1. Postural assessment and correction to empower & balance your body,
  2. Education (the normal anatomy and physiology) and treatment (therapy) for pain and problems.
  3. Simple guidelines to improve general health, self care and home remedies for the related problems.
  4. Preventive measures to develop a healthy life style and long term yoga practice.

Postural Dysfunction

Postural Assessment & Correction

Most educated people know that having a poor posture can wreak on the body. It bends and stresses the joints, shorten and lock major muscles, restricts movement and causes pain, and gradually wears the musculoskeletal system down.

Postural dysfunctions can even result in injury, which occurs suddenly when the smallest turn or twist snaps the weakest link "this commonly happens with first timers or even a regular yoga practitioner under poor posture scenario"

We often see instructors and advance students look great in yoga postures but when it comes to a general postural assessment they could hardly maintain a balanced postures in daily basis and may present an excessive extension in lumbar spine or an excessive posterior pelvic tilt. I often see instructors with extended abdomen where a common reason we here from them "we must have the extended abdomen for deeper backbends" YES I agree but it doesn't seem to be a acceptable answer because if the backbends require extended abdomen then why the abdomen haven't return to its original position during a simple stand?

The answer is a poor posture, just take a moment on understanding what happens when yoga is practiced with a poor posture scenario like a humped back office worker and hyperextended ballet dancer in both condition the muscle imbalance is extreme and the yogic activity an office worker would find easier to do is forward bend and a ballet dancer would love to practice a backbend. Eventually both, the office worker and dancer train the muscle which are already shorten leading to a bad posture.

As well said somewhere in yoga quotes
" the pose you don't like you need the most" In addition to all this, poor posture simply looks and feels bad.

On an emotional level, posture is attitude as it is hard to stand tall when you’re feeling depressed, and it’s hard to feel down when you’re standing tall.

On a mechanical level, posture is more than a position. It is the dynamic balancing act of a group of postural muscles working together to keep our slightly swaying bodies upright. In this regard, posture is an inside job. Only you can change your posture because only you can control your muscle patterns.

Our postural muscles work together toward a single goal: to keep our bodies upright. The postural muscles work together to support a single axis in the human stance. If any one muscle along the chain of support fails to function, the economy of the whole system declines in reverse proportion.

Skeletal muscles are highly adaptable and can change in an instant, they are also creatures of habit. Intentional movement is the key to breaking muscular habits and overcome a faulty posture.

Now, with abbysan yoga clinic and rehab program, you can re-activate the postural muscles like the notes on a flute, gain an optimum posture with in few weeks and
PLAY YOUR POSTURAL FLUTE everywhere; the harmony lies in the balance of tone among the notes of flute.

What to expect in Postural Assessment & Correction?
  • Postural Assessment
  • Key Exercises to correct postural dysfunction
  • Learn muscle balance required to maintain good Posture
  • Develop Body awareness and understand Body Language
  • Play your Postural Flute

Fees: FREE (first time only)

Yoga Clinic For Neck Care

Why neck pain?
Occupational and Wrong Posture

How to correct?
Awareness, Mobilization, Strengthening and Way to Breathe

What to expect in Yoga Clinic for Neck Care?
Awareness; Keys to prevent further hurting your neck
Mobilization; Free Neck Movements
Strengthening; Assisted and Resisted Neck movements
Manual Traction & Orthro-binomy; Manipulation to release excessive neck tension
Home Remedies; Tips to follow at home for Neck Care
Follow Up; 2 times a month

Fees: 200THB/Visit