and not a path to injuries?

Yoga is a journey towards self exploration, Practicing yoga with an ignorant mind, unstable thoughts, improper breathing and unaware of
postural imbalances or dysfunction for long time might be injurious and may cost you more then just a monthly unlimited membership and might not take long enough till you decide to quit.

Most of the people do spend lot of time and money in return to injuries to Neck, knees, hurting lower back and developing unresponsive hamstrings, where as other follow the advice of a YOGA STUDIO staff or instructors saying you need to continue practice and everything will be fine, but once the injury has exceeded the limits there is no way one should practice yoga (postures) but its a time to see doctor, a chiropractor or a

Abbysan Yoga is now introducing a Yoga
Clinic & Rehab under two qualified Doctors and two qualified physical therapist in the field of YOGA & Naturopathy who will guide you through the process of enjoying your yoga practice till the last breath of your life.


Yoga Clinic emphasises on prevention aspects of Yoga by;
  1. Postural assessment and correction to empower & balance your body,
  2. Education (the normal anatomy and physiology) and treatment (therapy) for pain and problems.
  3. Simple guidelines to improve general health, self care and home remedies for the related problems.
  4. Preventive measures to develop a healthy life style and long term yoga practice.

Yoga Rehab emphasise on cure to pre-existing yoga injuries by;
  1. A series of assessment to identify faulty movement pattern, flexibility and stability limitations.
  2. Pre-designed progression programme to correct inefficiencies in performing all level Yoga postures and
  3. Rehabilitation from pre-existing injuries due to faulty practice.

In the process, you’ll
"Take your Yoga, Pilates & Athletic performance to all new levels and prevent injuries"